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Full-Scale Pentest

Cover the security risks of all domains

Real world security incidents do not limit their scope to only high risk targets — the target is perceived as a complex attack surface, where every domain can be leveraged to compromise an organization. Full-scale security audits are needed to assess a company's readiness to face and respond to cyber threats.

Penetration Testing/Red Teaming
Identify all the security gaps with simulated real-world attacks in a professional full-scale cyber-operation. Reveal security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, applications and operations. Assess the risks and vulnerabilities as well as your readiness to respond in such situations.
Web Application Audit
Being the main link to the customers, web applications are arguably the most attractive target for malicious actors. Verify the correctness of all business logic inside your application and identify possible technogenic attack vectors.
Source Code Analysis
Secure your products out of the box. The audit includes a thorough examination of the source code and the logic behind it as well as static and dynamic analysis. Audit is a crucial part of ensuring your development lifecycle and source code security. It helps to reveal not only code bugs and vulnerabilities, but also inconsistencies with the best practices and industry standards.
Stress testing
Scale and evolve securely. Harden the capability to sustain high network load and aggressive attacks on infrastructure by simulating stress situations. Stress Testing is designed to assist you to become more vigilant and prepared to defend against distributed attacks on your IT infrastructure.
Cloud Security Services
Audit cloud solutions integrations to reveal and prevent vulnerable flows. Cloud systems can be robust and manageable solutions for architecture. However, there is a complicated back-end logic behind it that has its specifics and drawbacks that can be easily overlooked. Cloud Security audit helps to find these flows and mitigate them.
Social Engineering
Simulate sophisticated and well-prepared cyber attacks on working personnel to test the preparedness and conduct awareness training to control the risks. Human factors are one of the greatest sources of cybersecurity risks. Cyber attack always takes the path of least resistance.



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