We go above and beyond expectations to secure digital assets and data. Our goal is to provide an incomparable experience when it comes to serving your cybersecurity needs. Regardless of the task, the Hexens approach will get you the results that you wouldn’t come across in the industry. 


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360º full-service cybersecurity platform equipped with groundbreaking revolutionary tech that has no equal


A paradigm-shifting code query framework designed to run variant and data analysis on every smart contract across integrated EVM blockchains at breakneck speed, making code analysis distributable and scalable like never before.


Designed by white-hats for white-hats, ZK Storage is a cure for trust issues in Blockchain security. Store all of your security findings on-chain under the ZK proof mechanism.


An easy-to-onboard, absolutely free bug bounty hosting service that offers Web3 projects and hunters a superior UI/UX experience, and is predicated on the principle of fairness.


Hexens is a hidden gem. Their attention to detail is unmatched. We started working with them for a single project to test them out but loved them so much that we gave them two more projects before the first engagement even got completed. They actually care about security and customer experience.
Mudit Gupta
CISO @ Polygon Technology
I’d like to express my gratitude to the Hexens team for keeping the strict timelines, the quality of work, and the support provided throughout the remediation process. Many thanks once again!
Nikolaos Frestis
Senior Project Manager @ cLabs
The Lido DAO first approached Hexens when picking audit service providers for the Lido v2 upgrade – the most significant and complex yet. We were impressed with how the Hexens team provided a thorough code audit with meaningful findings while consistently meeting the ETAs. Many thanks to the team!
Lido DAO
We asked Hexens to audit this time. The report quality is very high, and our team of experienced smart contract engineers involved in the development of the project are very impressed with the content. Hexens is great in that it does not simply point out what is written in the source code, but understands the service as a whole and gives us a bird's eye view of it.
CTO @ Slash Payments
Thank you, Hexens.io, for being professional, responsive, and delivering a high-quality audit.
Burak Benligiray
Core Technical Team Lead @ API3
zkEVM is a new frontier, for this, we need security researchers that are willing to commit to learning while at the same time challenging what they learn. We feel confident with the audit work performed by Hexens. Thanks to the team for the professionalism and thoroughness.
Project Manager @ Polygon zkEVM
Report from H is the best reward for the hard work. As always, really appreciate the opportunity to work with @hexensio. Truly a professional team. Helped us to uncover several [far from obvious] attack scenarios.
Pavel Filippov
CTO @ RociFi
#Hexens is a security consulting company, providing a myriad of #DeFi projects with the best services by introducing a whole new approach to #cybersecurity solutions.
Adam Adamov
COO @ Algebra.Finance
Deep knowledge of the field and diverse expertise in different areas of cybersecurity, along with punctuality, politeness, and orientation to customer experience - that's what make Hexens different from the rest. We are glad that Hexens is securing our business.
CEO @ Coinstats

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