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Blockchain Security

At the cybersecurity frontline of novel technologies.

Blockchain technology is on its path to confidently conquer more industries every day. As with any new technology, cybersecurity risks arise disproportionally. Hexens’ focus is to reorganize the security surface by providing state-of-the-art audits and research.

Smart Contract Audit
Prevent financial losses and exploitation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). Conduct the most thorough manual review of smart contracts code and logic, enhanced with static and dynamic analysis. The process is created to be relentless to all types of bugs, known and unknown. Smart contract audit includes not only finding and fixing critical bugs, but also inconsistencies with security standards and best practices, enforcing code quality.
Blockchain Audit
Blockchain being a fast-evolving technology with a variety of implementation designs is a wide attack surface. Blockchain audit is a state-of-the-art service with multi-level protocol analysis of: Consensus mechanism and Protocol design Cryptographic algorithms Network layer Application layer/Node security Economic flows The comprehensive audit reveals possible technological and economic attack vectors, introducing remediation strategies and cybersecurity solutions.
Cryptography Audit
Cryptographic services are not merely the mathematics of the algorithms used in cryptographic hardware and software solutions but also how these solutions are architected, developed, implemented, run, and audited within an organization's estate. We provide organizations with a variety of cryptographic auditing, advising, and delivery engagements to assist them in understanding how to adopt new solutions or verify the integrity of current cryptographic services.
Digital Asset Exchanges Audit
Digital Asset Exchanges fueled with large volumes of liquidity are one of the highest impact and common targets in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Achieve a confident security posture through the full-scale audit process covering every aspect of digital asset exchange operations, such as: Infrastructure layer Web and Application layer Blockchain protocol layer Human factor
Hardware/Software Wallet Audit
Cryptocurrency Wallet solutions are commonly the final instance of digital asset ownership. Analyze and mitigate possible vulnerable flows, including but not limited to application security, cryptographic implementation and hardware vulnerabilities.



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