Full-Scale Pentest

Cover the security risks of all domains

Real world security incidents do not limit their scope to only high risk targets — the target is perceived as a complex attack surface, where every domain can be leveraged to compromise an organization. Full-scale security audits are needed to assess a company's readiness to face and respond to cyber threats.
  • Penetration Testing/Red Teaming

    Identify all the security gaps with simulated real-world attacks in a professional full-scale cyber-operation. Reveal security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, applications and operations. Assess the risks and vulnerabilities as well as your readiness to respond in such situations.
  • Web Application Audit

    Being the main link to the customers, web applications are arguably the most attractive target for malicious actors. Verify the correctness of all business logic inside your application and identify possible technogenic attack vectors.
  • Source Code Analysis

    Secure your products out of the box. The audit includes a thorough examination of the source code and the logic behind it as well as static and dynamic analysis. Audit is a crucial part of ensuring your development lifecycle and source code security. It helps to reveal not only code bugs and vulnerabilities, but also inconsistencies with the best practices and industry standards.
  • Stress testing

    Scale and evolve securely. Harden the capability to sustain high network load and aggressive attacks on infrastructure by simulating stress situations. Stress Testing is designed to assist you to become more vigilant and prepared to defend against distributed attacks on your IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud Security Services

    Audit cloud solutions integrations to reveal and prevent vulnerable flows. Cloud systems can be robust and manageable solutions for architecture. However, there is a complicated back-end logic behind it that has its specifics and drawbacks that can be easily overlooked. Cloud Security audit helps to find these flows and mitigate them.
  • Social Engineering

    Simulate sophisticated and well-prepared cyber attacks on working personnel to test the preparedness and conduct awareness training to control the risks. Human factors are one of the greatest sources of cybersecurity risks. Cyber attack always takes the path of least resistance.

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What does full-scale security audits include?

Full-scale audits aim to cover businesses’ whole digital and physical presence. Including Penetration Testing, Red Teaming and Social Engineering services.  

What is Penetration Testing (pentest)?

Penetration Testing is an authorized cyber attack simulation targeting companies’ digital presence such as Web applications and IT infrastructure. It is aimed to reveal and mitigate security vulnerabilities and risks.  

What are the main types of penetration testing?

Black Box, Grey Box and White Box.

Black Box is done without sharing any information about internal structure and applications implementations

Grey Box is done with partially sharing information about internal structure and applications implementations

White Box is done with full access to internal infrastructure and applications’ source codes. 

What is the difference between pentest and red teaming?

While both Penetration Testing and Red Teaming are cyber attack simulations, Penetration Testing has scope and tool limitations, whereas Red Teaming is mimicking real-world hacker mentality. During Red Teaming experts can use a wide variety of techniques including Social Engineering or physical interference.

What is a web application audit?

Web application audit is aimed to reveal vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors and present further mitigation recommendations.

How does source code analysis work?

Source code analysis consists of three stages: static analysis using SAST tools, manual analysis conducted by security experts and dynamic analysis/fuzzing. Audit targets are to find vulnerabilities and code inefficiencies and suggest strategies to remediate them.


Hexens is a hidden gem. Their attention to detail is unmatched. We started working with them for a single project to test them out but loved them so much that we gave them two more projects before the first engagement even got completed. They actually care about security and customer experience.
Mudit Gupta
CISO @ Polygon Technology
I’d like to express my gratitude to the Hexens team for keeping the strict timelines, the quality of work, and the support provided throughout the remediation process. Many thanks once again!
Nikolaos Frestis
Senior Project Manager @ cLabs
The Lido DAO first approached Hexens when picking audit service providers for the Lido v2 upgrade – the most significant and complex yet. We were impressed with how the Hexens team provided a thorough code audit with meaningful findings while consistently meeting the ETAs. Many thanks to the team!
Lido DAO
We asked Hexens to audit this time. The report quality is very high, and our team of experienced smart contract engineers involved in the development of the project are very impressed with the content. Hexens is great in that it does not simply point out what is written in the source code, but understands the service as a whole and gives us a bird's eye view of it.
CTO @ Slash Payments
Thank you, Hexens.io, for being professional, responsive, and delivering a high-quality audit.
Burak Benligiray
Core Technical Team Lead @ API3
zkEVM is a new frontier, for this, we need security researchers that are willing to commit to learning while at the same time challenging what they learn. We feel confident with the audit work performed by Hexens. Thanks to the team for the professionalism and thoroughness.
Project Manager @ Polygon zkEVM
Report from H is the best reward for the hard work. As always, really appreciate the opportunity to work with @hexensio. Truly a professional team. Helped us to uncover several [far from obvious] attack scenarios.
Pavel Filippov
CTO @ RociFi
#Hexens is a security consulting company, providing a myriad of #DeFi projects with the best services by introducing a whole new approach to #cybersecurity solutions.
Adam Adamov
COO @ Algebra.Finance
Deep knowledge of the field and diverse expertise in different areas of cybersecurity, along with punctuality, politeness, and orientation to customer experience - that's what make Hexens different from the rest. We are glad that Hexens is securing our business.
CEO @ Coinstats

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