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  • December 23, 2022

The Hexens team

Our values define who we are as a company and set the guiding principles for fulfilling our mission to create a safer future for Web3 and build a great company where experts in the field can grow and develop.

Shortlisted candidates undergo a series of interviews. Despite how it sounds, we make the process fast and efficient. Successful candidates usually have an offer in just a week. Hard skills are in the foreground of technical positions like Smart Contract Auditor or Full Stack Engineer, but honesty and teamwork are important to us in any position. Our tech employees get access to clients' codes, so we do everything we can to make sure that they’re ethical hackers who are able and willing to keep confidential information fully secure. 

Some of our team members came through referrals from current employees. If we already chose this person and are happy to work with them, we encourage this approach, both morally and financially. But given the delicate nature of the profession, background checks and due diligence are performed on every candidate.

The Hexens recruitment team believes that:

"As for soft skills, a person manifests themselves in everything: how they speak, plan their time, answer emails, and act on social media. If someone is just trying to make a good impression, there are always some doubts. But if we see that they have the same vibe as us, then we can move forward."


Who you’ll be working with

Hexens core team are top-notch experts with over a decade of experience in business and cybersecurity. 

We have Senior Smart Contract Auditors, who are a rare breed anywhere in the world. 

Hexens interns are another important part of our team. The cybersecurity industry is small, and there’s a shortage of specialists, so we also train our own personnel. Interns usually come to us through referrals or find Hexens themselves. By investing our time and other resources in trainees and junior specialists, we’re investing in our future and the future of the industry as a whole. 

At the end of the intern training period, our team conducts a cross-section of their results and decides if they should be offered a contract with Hexens or not. So over time, they have the exact same opportunities in the company as everyone else.


Your growth at Hexens

The most important prerogative of working at Hexens is the chance to work side-by-side with top-level specialists. Our founders are first-class professionals and winners of international cybersecurity competitions. Learning the field by working with them is the best and fastest way to become a professional yourself. Needless to say, we also encourage all kinds of employee training, participation in exhibitions, etc.


Why Hexens?

At Hexens, we appreciate growth, so we sponsor certification and professional development opportunities for our employees, such as conferences and summits. We support your desire to learn and pay for certain technical courses and language lessons for our personnel. There's also a system of bonuses to keep motivation high.  Twice a year, we also organize workations. For example, in Fall 2022, most of our team spent a month in Bali. To help our employees get a better experience at Hexens, we provide lunches in the office and help with relocation if you want to work offline.

Our company doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. But if you prioritize high-quality work and professional development, and want to grow within the company, then check out our career page and apply.

The Hexens team